XOJAY — Profile

We are a design-centric living brand focussing on complete development solutions

At XOJAY, design is at the heart of everything we do. As well as providing market-leading development solutions, we form long-term strategic partnerships. By putting branding and design at the forefront of everything we do, we’re able to deliver exceptional properties that create added value for both investors and the wider communities. Our goal is to change the living brand landscape through leadership and innovation, creating highly individual and striking products for a range of discerning clients.

Our Values


Putting design at the centre of XOJAY allows us to create complete and innovative living spaces that always think ahead. We do this by fully understanding our clients’ needs and integrating our own innovative approach that rethinks design to create modern spaces that last. For us, the process of design does not just include surfaces and layouts, but also explores the latest design trends to bring conceptual ideas to life in powerful ways.

Quality & Technology

True quality goes beyond bricks and mortar. At XOJAY, we believe in looking at the bigger picture, obtaining and developing real estate to safeguard and provide for future generations, both in terms of viable investment and long-term sustainability. Only then we can create products that are not only beautiful, but intelligent as well. Simultaneously, XOJAY is ever thinking ahead with innovative technologies, incorporated in every project to pioneer modern living.

Expertise & Execution

It takes true teamwork to create exceptional spaces, which is why we work closely with clients and consider them as partners every step of the way. As part of our process, designers work in-line with marketing and business teams, with all workstreams organically aligned for full efficiency – and where applicable, we also work with trusted partners for the best possible results. A full roster of talent in one package.


Our high-quality finish and overall construction, as well as house tech, ensures an efficient use of valuable resources in all our projects. For instance, in  the Palma project, we incorporated cutting-edge energy saving technology and went the extra mile with our geothermal and solar energy systems. Additionally, we employ rainwater collection systems and electric vehicle charging where possible.


Creating partnerships with developers on different markets creates win-win situations. With this approach, we can add value to local projects on several levels – and this extends to our benchmarking and execution expertise which enhances projects, guaranteeing us higher commercial success when partnering with a local entity.

Mallorca Preservation Foundation works tiressly to support local environmental and conservation initiatives to preserve the Mallorca’s exceptional natural beauty for generations to come. XOJAY is thrilled to be part of this powerful mission.

Our ESG philosophy

XOJAY recognizes the Real Estate development activities as having an impact on the environment and is constantly looking to optimize its processes and building activities.

We believe that taking Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into account is essential for the creation of sustainable value for the company, our investors and our communities. For us, sustainability and growth go hand in hand.

What people say…

“Ochenta y cuatro pisos de lujo se ubicarán en el Nou Llevant, con la playa a pocos metros y una fantástica comunicación con el casco antiguo de Palma o el aeropuerto de Son Sant Joan.”

— Diario Última hora

“XO Residences Palma eine Wohnanlage auf höhe der Zeit”

— Mallorca Zeitung

“Nou Llevant it’s a very promising area where to live, bordering Portixol. This location mirrors a healthy and pleasant lifestyle which will be reflected in this attractive projzect.”

— Diario de Mallorca